This is just a quick post to give you a few ideas for things that I think you need in the kitchen to make your life easier.  Especially since it’s the holiday season and if you can spend less time doing kitchen prep and cleanup, all the better. I love Sur La Table, so I automatically go there when I’m looking for kitchen things, but I also have an addiction to Amazon, which probably requires therapy.

First is the Kuhn Rikon soft edge spatula.  This has to be the greatest spatula I’ve ever owned.  It’s flexible and sturdy, yet the silicone edge is very thin so you can flip an egg without damaging it.


Next is a potato ricer.  It doesn’t matter what brand you buy, as long as it has changeable disks and is sturdy.  It’s a must have for perfect mashed potatoes and especially important if you make gnocchi.  I always include one when I buy a gift for a bridal shower or as part of a wedding gift.


Lastly, parchment paper.  I don’t put anything on a baking sheet without first lining it with parchment.  It makes clean up easy, it helps to prevent burning and it’s non stick.  I have silicone mats that I use as well, but I’ve found that I prefer parchment because you can just toss it out after using, where the silicone mats need to be washed.  Pre cut sheets are convenient because you don’t have to fuss with a roll and they are already flat, so they don’t curl up on you.


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