Bagels are tricky.  If you don’t get them “just so”, they are merely rolls with holes in the middle of them.  99% of bagels are such, and really not worth you wasting your daily carb allotment to eat one.

Like croissants, I’ve had a couple failures. Bagel dough is very dense, and it needs structure. I’ve used Peter Reinhart’s sourdough bagel recipe, had some success; but the resulting bagel didn’t rise enough and they were too flat for my liking. They tasted good, but they were not quite right.


In today’s experiment, I’ll be using a modified version of a recipe from Baron Bagels as posted in the New York Times (I do love the NYT cooking website),

Like Reinhart’s recipe, I’ll be using a combo of sourdough starter and commercial yeast. I expanded my starter last night and it’s ready to go- just as soon as I finish my 4th cup of coffee.

Wish me luck!!

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