Today I am starting on the 2-3 day journey it will take to make proper croissants.  I have an idea of where I went wrong and will be using a hybrid of recipes from Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller, The Secret Recipes by Dominique Ansel and Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson.

These 3 are fairly close mirrors of each other.  Robertson uses a wild leaven to make his dough; Keller and Ansel use commercial instant yeast.  Ansel doesn’t use a poolish; Robertson and Keller do.

I’ve decided to make my poolish with my sourdough starter. It’s a small part of the dough, and will impart a nice flavor. I’ll use commercial instant yeast for the remainder + Kerrygold butter for the butter block, and Kind Arthur bread flour for the dough. I get good results from King Arthur, and I haven’t gotten my grain mill yet, so milling my own flour will come later.

My sourdough starter is based off Tartine’s 50/50 blend of organic white flour and organic whole wheat. I add rye flour to my flour blend, and I use equal parts white, whole wheat and rye.

So right now, my poolish is rising and the butter is thawing so I can pound out my butter block.

Tomorrow I’ll laminate the dough. Fingers crossed. There will be pictures.

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