Hi All:

I’m going to get back to making an effort documenting what’s going on in my kitchen, along with helping those who want to learn to master a few dishes that will impress anyone for whom you want to cook.

That being said, I’ve been making a lot of bread lately. I’ve grown a pretty lively sourdough starter and I’ve been using it to make bagels, croissants and crusty sourdough loaves.

I’ve been struggling with bagels and croissants a little. Being a Jersey girl, I have certain requirements for my bagels other than them being rolls with holes in the middle. They need to be dense, chewy to the point that your jaw grows tired and are flavorful. Such a heavy dough requires just the right amount of lift from yeasts and I’m not quite there yet.

My croissants have gone off the rails twice. Both times they looked lovely. The first batch was perfectly flaky, but didn’t rise. The second batch rose way too much and turned out to be a slightly flaky roll, which was weird. They both had the correct flavor, it, again, is just a matter of balancing the yeast.

That’s about it for now.  Stay tuned…

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